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Jade Thai Jasmine Rice is a fragrant, aromatic, scented long grain rice named after the sweet-smelling jasmine flower. Jasmine rice is a long grain rice native to Thailand with a delicate floral and buttery scent. Grown in the highlands of Thailand for centuries, rain-fed Jasmine Rice was cultivated for the royalty of the kingdom of Siam. Jade Jasmine Rice has a naturally distinctive scent, released during the cooking process, likened to a flowery perfume like the sweet smelling jasmine flower of Southeast Asia, Jasmine Rice is known for its whiteness and aroma. When cooked it is soft and fluffy with a taste that enhances traditional spices of Oriental cuisine. Jade Thai Jasmine Rice is imported from Thailand -- enjoy this aromatic and delicious rice as an ingredient with your next "rice" recipe, or just as a side-dish at mealtime.

Jade Jasmine Rice 2LB bag

SKU: 78589777776
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